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My Approach

At Kallous Minds Counseling our clients are our most valuable asset and we strive to deliver top of the line customer service to every client that we have the privilege to encounter. We  value each person's individual life experiences and view each person as a whole individual and not the sum of various parts. Our goal at Kallous Minds Counseling is to provide a safe space for our clients to learn, grow, share and realize their fullest potential. We create ITP's(individualize treatment plans) to fit the individual needs of each our clients. Clients are our top priority at Kallous Minds Counseling and we are in the business of assisting people achieving overall positive well being and balance within themselves. Kallous Minds is here for you through rough times!  Our individual sessions are 45-53 minutes in length. Couples sessions are 45-53 minutes. Group sessions are 75 minutes. We offer sessions via telehealth(phone call or google meet sessions).  In person office hours will be available soon!

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